Convening for Action in 2015

"We need to re-learn basically ‘how we think’, using both the right and left hemispheres of our brain," says Eva Kras, author of THE BLOCKAGE

“Short-term thinking governs much of what we do. In many organizations, the long-term view has somehow become excluded. Both ways of thinking are important, but the sad part is that we have convinced ourselves that the Left Hemisphere can do EVERYTHING. The new research by Ian McGilchrist now ‘turns the table’ because it demonstrates the true and indispensable role of the Right Hemisphere for ALL sustainable development work,” states Eva Kras.

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Faye Smith champions science-based action to protect urban watershed health on Vancouver Island

“Being passionate about fish and streams (which I am) and being passionate about music (which I am) are pretty much the same. You have to learn, practise and keep being involved with both. They take commitment and you need the time to stay engaged and keep learning more,” said Faye Smith. “The rewards come from hard work and the feeling you are making a difference, no matter how small.”

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Wetland Conservation on Eastern Vancouver Island: BC Wildlife Federation releases summary report on 2015 Nanaimo Workshop

“Engineers approach design using very specific methods which have been established to provide a uniform result for a wide range of projects. Biologists approach a problem by first defining the goals and objectives before establishing the methods to be used,” stated Jim Dumont. “We need to create a common understanding that can be shared between the professions to achieve more consistent success on projects.”

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2015 Nanaimo Wetlands Workshop: "Wildlife adapt to the environment; we can only hope that humans learn this message in time," stated Peter Law, keynote speaker

“Wildlife are smarter than humans…they have adapted to their environment over time to ensure their survival. We can only hope that humans learn this message in time before we have tipped the balance too far,” stated Peter Law. “Kids are learning this message in school through live owl presentations, where kids learn about how the owl has adapted to become one of the most efficient hunters in the woods.”

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Wetland Conservation along Eastern Vancouver Island: A workshop for municipal and regional stakeholders (January 29 in Nanaimo)

The BC Wildlife Federation has brought together a team of well-known experts to share their knowledge and experience. “Wetlands can provide a number of benefits to society, including: flood control, water treatment, and carbon storage,” states Neil Fletcher. “This workshop will explore relevant themes and issues to help build capacity on how we can protect and conserve wetlands and work towards healthier watersheds.

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