Nanaimo Region

Beyond the Guidebook 2015 showcases “The Story of Convening for Action in the Nanaimo Region”

“In 2008, and as the outcome of a successful referendum, the RDN became the first regional government to create a drinking water and watershed protection service area with taxation authority in an electoral area. This was the culmination of a 6-year effort. In 2012, the service area was expanded to include the municipalities within the regional district and they became active participants in the watershed function,” reports John Finnie.

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Beyond the Guidebook 2015: Nanaimo Region’s Julie Pisani describes how their ‘Regional Team Approach is founded on Sustainable Partnerships’

“Among the many partners it takes to tackle these issues, the First Nations in our region are likely the most important. The traditional knowledge and indigenous value of the land and the water is a realm of knowing that our scientific method does not touch,” wrote Julie Pisani. “Conversations about what we care about, stories about the past which help us understand the present, and dialogue about the future and positive vision about what that may look like.”

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Beyond the Guidebook 2015: Time-Line highlights milestones for “watershed-based approach” in Nanaimo Region

“A growing population combined with known negative impacts created the need to tackle issues of groundwater depletion, stream degradation, surface water contamination and the changes climate change will bring. Land use planning and development standards cannot be effectively modified without a clear understanding of our water resources, where they are changing and why,” states Mike Donnelly.

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