Beyond the Guidebook 2015

Beyond the Guidebook 2015: City of Courtenay’s Nancy Gothard shares her perspective on the role of champions in leading change in the Georgia Basin

“The fact that we are all at the same point on the trajectory in terms of infiltrating these ideas into our organizations suggests that we are indeed on the right path. We each have come to the conclusion that collaboration is critical,” wrote Nancy Gothard. “This relationship building is key to accelerating the sharing and learning further and the Georgia Basin approach to water sustainability.”

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Beyond the Guidebook 2015: Time-Line for Comox Valley shows how “regional team approach” has evolved over past decade

“Adoption of the regional strategies has resulted in much for municipal staffs to absorb and digest about doing business differently, while at the same time they are tasked with keeping the wheels of government rolling to meet ongoing commitments,” stated Kevin Lagan. “The Comox Valley-CAVI Regional Team convenes for action around this paradigm: Water is the finite resource; however, management of development is the control.”

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Beyond the Guidebook 2015: Regional district restructuring was the genesis for “The Story of the Comox Valley-CAVI Regional Team”

“The Ministry is moving forward with projects that offer custom solutions to specific regional district circumstances. While these projects are being designed to respond to specific circumstances, they may also serve as useful ‘pilot projects’ with application to other areas of British Columbia,” wrote Ida Chong, Minister of Community Services, in her July 2007 notice of intervention that defined the creation of the Comox Valley Regional District.

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