Convening for Action in 2012

LEADING CHANGE IN THE CAPITAL REGION: Bowker Creek Blueprint wins EcoStar Award for Integrated Watershed Management – “The ‘blueprint for action’ is a perfect example of working with others to improve watershed health long-term, and I am proud to have been part of creating it,” stated Steven Fifield, Manager of Underground Utilities, City of Victoria (September 2012)

“The Bowker Blueprint is helping the community understand that: we all live in a watershed, all water ends up in the same place when it runs off the land, and everyone must commit to actions that improve watershed health. I have been involved in engineering for a long, long time and will soon be retiring. In the olden days, we would just pipe water away, and we would not think twice about it. In the latter part of my career, I have been part of a great team that has looked at rainfall differently and shares a vision for what the Bowker Creek watershed can be again,” stated Steven Fifield.

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LEADING CHANGE IN THE CAPITAL REGION: “Implementation of the Bowker Creek Blueprint has begun. The District of Saanich and our partners have set out on a new path towards sustainable planning for infrastructure and public works within a multi-jurisdictional watershed boundary,” stated Colin Doyle, Director of Engineering, District of Saanich (April 2012)

“It is a visionary plan and a first of its kind. The Blueprint details watershed and reach-specific actions to rehabilitate the creek channel and to restore hydrologic function to the watershed through the process of redevelopment over the next few decades. With a clear vision and Blueprint in place, municipalities and communities are able to incorporate efforts into operational work plans, volunteer and school group efforts and to work together with the development community to restore Bowker Creek and its watershed within a vibrant and active community,” stated Colin Doyle.

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VIEA Perspective on "Economy and Ecology in Balance"

“The essence of the VIEA-CAVI partnership is contained in the phrase economy and ecology in balance. VIEA promotes regional initiatives that strengthen economic capacity; and CAVI represents the ecological perspective through its championing of green infrastructure and water sustainability,” states Dave Willie.

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Eva Kras: "50-Year Vision" for Vancouver Island is a model for Canada!

“The knack is to demonstrate that the road to both short and long term economic security is through COLLABORATION. We have to demonstrate that ‘business as usual’ will eventually result in economic loss both short and long term. Then hearts and minds will be receptive to a vision for settlement, economy and ecology in balance,” states Eva Kras.

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2012 Vancouver Island Economic Summit: Springboard to Inter-Regional Educational Initiative on ‘Sustainable Service Delivery’

“The Partnership has brought together four regional districts as partners in an Inter-Regional Education Initiative. The ‘CAVI forum within the Summit’ is a springboard to collaboration, alignment and a consistent approach to achieve water and watershed sustainability up and down the east coast of Vancouver Island,” states Derek Richmond.

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CAVI Story: Leadership in Water Sustainability (Hour #1 Panel)

“Collaboration is the pathway to a consistent approach to water sustainability and green infrastructure policies and practices up and down the east coast of Vancouver Island. The Inter-Regional Education Initiative, IREI, will help all regions bridge the ‘implementation and integration gap’,” states Peter Law.

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