Convening for Action in 2011

"Forum within the Summit" attracts large turnout at the 2011 State of the Island Economic Summit

“Branded as a ‘Forum within the Summit’, the focus of this session was on solutions to the ‘infrastructure liability’ challenge confronting all local governments. The Comox Valley is a provincial demonstration region for a regional and replicable approach to Sustainable Service Delivery. The Comox Valley regional team told their story and provided a context for open dialogue about challenges and solutions,” reports Tim Pringle. He introduced the mantra: “One market, from Cobble Hill to Campbell River”. He also described the development context in the mid-Island region.

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Sustainable Service Delivery Links Land Use Planning, Watershed Health and ‘Infrastructure Liability’

“As infrastructure ages and fails, local governments cannot keep up with renewal and/or replacement. Fiscal constraints provide a powerful impetus for doing business differently. Green infrastructure is part of a holistic approach to ‘achieve more with less’,” explained Glen Brown. “The term Sustainable Service Delivery describes a life-cycle way of thinking about infrastructure needs and how to pay for those needs over time. The link between asset management and the protection of a community’s natural resources is emerging as an important piece in Sustainable Service Delivery.”

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PUBLICATION: Comox Valley Local Governments Showcase “A Regional Response to Infrastructure Liability”

Comox Valley local governments are aligning efforts, building leadership capacity and striving for consistency. “We have moved beyond continuing education solely for the purpose of professional development. We are exploring what implementation of regional policy means on the ground,” states Glenn Westendorp. “All those involved in land development have a role to play in achieving Sustainable Service Delivery. The players include land use and infrastructure professionals.”

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George Hanson is the new president of the Vancouver Island Economic Alliance

Well known for his achievements in community, organizational and economic development, George Hanson brings a wealth of experience along with a reputation for getting things done and making a difference. Hanson is a long-time advocate for collaborative approaches to regional economic and community development and widely regarded for his combination of visionary persistence and business pragmatism. His first tasks as the new VIEA President will be to guide the fifth annual State of the Island Economic Summit to success in October and to continue to promote Vancouver Island.

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2011 Comox Valley Seminar Series is Springboard to Vancouver Island Economic Summit in October

“We must look outside our boundaries and work with our neighbouring communities for the betterment of all. Vancouver Island could be a test case…to show the world literally….how we can collaborate and pull things together,” stated Eric Bonham. At the 2011 State of the Island Economic Summit, CAVI-Convening for Action on Vancouver Island and the Vancouver Island Economic Alliance (VIEA) are holding a pre-Summit session that is being described as a “Forum within the Summit”.

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Sustainable Service Delivery: Comox Valley Local Governments Release Program Details for 2011 Learning Lunch Series

The unfunded ‘infrastructure liability’ is a driver for local governments to consider longevity, focus on what happens after developers hand-off municipal infrastructure, get it right at the front-end, and prepare for the future. “The unifying theme for the 2011 Comox Valley Learning Lunch Seminar Series is this: Water sustainability is more likely to be achieved when land use planning and climate change adaptation are integrated with infrastructure asset management,” states Judy Walker

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