Seminar #2 – Adaptation

Sustainable Service Delivery: ‘Design with Nature’, Protect Stream Stability, and Save Money

The phrase “design with nature” is borrowed from the title of a seminal book by Ian McHarg, published in 1969. He was a renowned landscape architect and writer on regional planning using natural systems. He pioneered the concept of ecological planning. Ian McHarg’s premise is simple: “that the shaping of land for human use ought to be based on an understanding of natural process.”

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Understanding what "Infrastructure Liability" means in the Comox Valley

“The Brooklyn Creek experience epitomizes how stripping away the water storage capacity of the watershed landscape impacts on stream health in two ways: loss of baseflow…that is, too little water in dry weather; and channel instability and erosion…that is, too much water for too long during wet weather,” observes Jack Minard.

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