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BOWKER CREEK FORUM: Links to downloadable versions of PowerPoint presentations – “Keeping track of actions and setting priorities for future actions is key so that we do not feel overwhelmed at the beginning,” stated Adriane Pollard, Environmental Planner, District of Saanich (February 2010)

BCI success started with the hiring of a Coordinator. It meant one person was responsible and had dedicated time for setting up meetings, writing up minutes, and getting work done. Also, having a Coordinator helped obtain grants. “Council has been recently engaged by the Bowker Creek Initiative: a bus tour pf the watershed; an open house for Councillors to be introduced to the Draft Blueprint; a public open house; and presentations to Council committees. There is generally a good feeling and understanding of the work being done,” reported Adrianne Pollard

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BOWKER CREEK FORUM: Links to video clips posted on YouTube – “All the parties saw the Trent Street Rain Garden as a learning opportunity. This type of green feature is the future of good watershed management in Bowker Creek and other watersheds in our region,” stated Steven Fifield, Manager of Underground Utilities, City of Victoria (February 2010)

“You have to be committed and you have to think long-term. I believe the City of Victoria is forward thinking in terms of environmental responsibility. As soon as we heard about rain gardens, we felt that they were the way to go. So we had to find an opportunity to build one and be successful,” stated Steven Fifield. “We looked and we thought, and then a situation presented itself. This was on Trent Street, a small cul-de-sac in an institutional area. Bowker Creek is nearby. So location-wise, this was a great opportunity.”

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