2010 Bowker Creek Forum

Bowker Creek Forum: Agenda Preview

Eric Bonham will open the Forum with a call to courage. He will elaborate on the mantra: What do we want Vancouver Island to look like in 50 years? “To initiate change so that we do business differently means we set the vision based upon community values, support the vision with information and education, provide practical tools, seek partnerships and engage local decision makers,” states Eric Bonham.

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"Forum Preview Stories" established expectations for Bowker Creek Forum

The “story of the forum” is told in a set of five articles that serve as resource materials. “Publishing a series of stories on Water Bucket is intended to achieve three outcomes: progressively establish expectations; enable participants to tell their stories in their own words; and provide a written record of our ‘convening for action in BC’ history as we create it,” stated Kim Stephens

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Call to Action: Bowker Creek Forum advances a ‘regional team approach’ in the Georgia Basin

STORY #5 “I got a lot out of the Forum. I got a sense of the similar problems we are facing up and down Vancouver Island. We all have come some distance towards a more sustainable approach and the ‘weaving’ that CAVI is doing is definitely helping us stay on track, realize where we are in comparison to other places and learn from each other,” commented Jack Minard,.

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Bowker Creek Forum: Links to video clips posted on YouTube

“You have to be committed and you have to think long-term. I believe the City of Victoria is forward thinking in terms of environmental responsibility. As soon as we heard about rain gardens, we felt that they were the way to go. So we had to find an opportunity to build one and be successful,” stated Steven Fifield.

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