2009 Curriculum Preview Stories

What Drives Settlement on the East Coast of Vancouver Island

STORY #3 “Community values that are focused on the ultimate goal of settlement in balance with ecology ought to direct decisions on development proposals. And if communities align their efforts to achieve a shared vision, this will go a long way to determining what Vancouver Island as a whole will look like in 50 years,” states Tim Pringle.

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An Integrated Watershed Approach to Settlement Change

STORY #5 “Nature has no borders; it does not recognize political or philosophical boundaries and it is essential for the health of human and non-human communities alike. To view nature in this way represents a modern advance in civil society,” states Jack Minard.

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Today's Expectations are Tomorrow's Standards in British Columbia

STORY #7 “At the end of the day, planners and engineers and other disciplines must come together to determine the issues and solutions. No statute will help them do that. Living Water Smart is about motivating and inspiring everyone to embrace shared responsibility,” states Lynn Kriwoken.

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