Seminar #3 – Regional Team

Getting Ahead of the Wave in the Comox Valley: “Commit to the Regional Team Approach"

Tim Pringle set the tone for the seminar with his keynote presentation that addressed this question: What is our land ethic, and how can we view the context differently? He revisited the research on ‘what drives settlement’ on Vancouver Island; elaborated on what communities are up against; and explained why ‘connect to the landscape’ is a unifying mantra for the regional team approach.

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Demonstrating Commitment to the Regional Team Approach in the Comox Valley

“The Comox Valley is the designated provincial pilot for implementation of a ‘regional team approach’ because a convergence of interests has created an opportunity for all the players to set their sights on the common good, challenge the old barriers of jurisdictional interests, and make sustainability real,” stated Glen Brown.

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An Integrated Watershed Approach to Settlement Change in the Comox Valley

“To be successful, we all need to work outside our normal boundaries; and we need to proactively communicate and work with others. We need to think of ourselves as a team; getting there means we will have to break down boundaries through communication, collaboration, cooperation and coordination,” states Derek Richmond.

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