Seminar #1 – Settlement Changes

GETTING AHEAD OF THE WAVE: Seminar #1 in Comox Valley Learning Lunch Series introduced this theme to underscore the passion and commitment of the local government players—“Call to Courage: Demonstrating the Regional Team Approach in the Comox Valley”

“The one market way-of-thinking resonated with those who participated in Seminar #1. It makes sense that mid-Island communities have choices. Knowing this, it means we can establish expectations as to what we want and what we will accept from developers,” stated Geoff Garbutt. “Because it is one market, the Comox Valley can really differentiate itself with our strong environmental focus and our emphasis on quality of place. Because we can pick and choose, we can position the Comox Valley to be a region of choice for the right development in the right place.”

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GETTING AHEAD OF THE WAVE: 2009 Comox Valley Learning Lunch Seminar Series—selection of YouTube video clips capture the flavour of the day for Seminar #1 on “Understand the Dynamics of Settlement Change”

The presentation by Tim Pringle about land development on Vancouver Island is a foundation stone for the 2009 Series. Based on his research into what drives settlement, he has concluded that the mid-Island region is a common market from a real estate development perspective. “This one market concept suggests that communities can choose from among development proposals, and can therefore control their destinies,” stated Tim Pringle.

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GETTING AHEAD OF THE WAVE: 2009 Comox Valley Learning Lunch Series drew attention to the vision for “An Integrated Watershed Approach to Settlement Change in the Comox Valley”

“To be successful, we all need to work outside our normal boundaries; and we need to proactively communicate and work with others. We need to think of ourselves as a team; getting there means we will have to break down boundaries through communication, collaboration, cooperation and coordination. In the Comox Valley we have talked the talk and now it is time to do the walking. ‘The converted’ are saying, show us the way and we will follow,” stated Derek Richmond.

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