City of Langford

Summary Report on Showcasing Green Infrastructure Innovation in the City of Langford

Westhills is British Columbia’s largest LEED-Neighbourhood Development pilot project. “Westhills has design elements and community initiatives that create and nuture a strong sense of community; and a plan that incorporates leading-edge environmental technologies,” stated Darlene Tait. “The project integrates the principles of smart growth, new urbanism and green buildings into a system for neighbourhood design.”

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Convening for Action in the City of Langford: Integrated Service Delivery – Transforming the Community

At the heart of the City’s approach to innovation is its corporate philosophy for managing risk, learning by doing, and adapting quickly to new information and changing circumstances. “A corporate culture that is willing to accept and then manage risk with regards to infrastructure standards can open the door to creativity, innovation – and its rewards,” stated John Manson.

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