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2008 COMOX VALLEY SEMINAR 1 ON YOUTUBE: Today’s Expectations are Tomorrow’s Standards

“By placing the spotlight on the east Courtenay area in Seminar 1, this helped series participants understand why drainage practices comprise a continuum of paradigms, and communities progress at different rates along the continuum. A paradigm is what we think is true and right about a certain subject. It’s the grid through which we put all information and input about a subject. In fact, it’s everything we think is true about something,” stated Derek Richmond.

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2008 COMOX VALLEY SEMINAR 2 ON YOUTUBE: Legal & Policy Strategies to Support Green Infrastructure

Construction of the Inland Kenworth trucking facility illustrated how a local government can establish expectations when staff say ‘this is what we want to achieve’. “We view this project as the one that has changed the thinking of the consulting community in Nanaimo, particularly on redevelopment projects. We are turning the tide because development and redevelopment projects are now incorporating features for rainwater runoff capture,” stated Dean Mousseau.

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2008 COMOX VALLEY SEMINAR 3 ON YOUTUBE: Nature Knows No Boundaries

“Nature has no borders; it does not recognize political or philosophical boundaries and it is essential for the health of human and non-human communities alike. To view nature in this way represents not a ‘special interest’ approach but a modern advance in civil society. We are realizing that the current loss of ecosystems and biodiversity cannot continue, yet pressures to develop land for human use is placing huge demands on what remains,” quoted Jack Minard. “Use natural systems as your infrastructure,” he added.

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