BLUE ECOLOGY 101, A PATHWAY TO WATER RECONCILIATION: “Watershed Moments 2023, the Blue Ecology Virtual Seminar, is designed to inform local government elected representatives about Blue Ecology, which is about interweaving Indigenous and non-Indigenous ways of knowing,” stated Kim Stephens, Co-Chair of the Watershed Moments Symposia Series


On an interactive online broadcast via YouTube, Richard Boase will moderate a free-flowing conversation between Michael Blackstock and Brian Carruthers. To register, click on this link:


Blue Ecology 101 for local politicians

“Are you wondering what local government councillors and directors will learn by attending the Blue Ecology seminar on February 23rd? And are you curious as to how this learning might inform local decision processes for interweaving Indigenous and non-Indigenous perspectives?” stated Kim Stephens, Executive Director of the Partnership for Water Sustainability, and Co-Chair of the Watershed Moments Symposia Series.

“We have landed at the crux of two of the most important issues facing Canadians – relationships with First Nations and relationships with water – in an era when we must also adapt to a changing climate. Communities have a once in a generation opportunity to get our relationships with both right, and then start back down the river of time – this time together.”

“Watershed Moments 2023 is designed to inform local government elected representatives about BLUE ECOLOGY, a pathway to ‘water reconciliation’. Blue Ecology is a water-first approach to interweaving Indigenous and Western perspectives. Oral history, land and water stewardship, and inter-generational baton.  These are foundational pieces for water reconciliation.”

“Paul Chapman, Chair of the Watershed Moments Series, provides this context: “We essentially envision this as Blue Ecology 101 for recently elected municipal and regional politicians. But the audience will be broader than that. It will appeal to water management professionals and the conservation community that I come from, and other groups as well.”

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The January 24, 2023 edition of Waterbucket eNews featured a preview announcement about the Blue Ecology Virtual Seminar. Download a PDF copy of A Pathway to Water Reconciliation and Resilience at the Local Scale.

It is published as part of the Living Water Smart in British Columbia Series.

To Register:

The registration fee is nominal because it is based on cost recovery. The fee is $10 for First Nations, stewardship groups, and students; and $50 for those in local government. To register, click on this link: