POSTPONED TO JANUARY 20, 2022: rescheduled date for Blue Ecology Virtual Seminar on “Creating a Climate for Change”

Note to Reader:

Originally scheduled for the evening of November 18, the Blue Ecology Seminar has been postponed until January 20, 2022. The need to reschedule resulted when Michael Blackstock underwent emergency surgery only days before the scheduled day.


Over a 2- hour period, the Blue Ecology Virtual Seminar is structured in three parts: 1) a set of context presentations; 2) a conversation among the panelists; and 3) audience questions to the panel.

The seminar is an evening event, beginning at 7PM and concluding at 9PM.

The seminar will be delivered through a combination of Zoom and YouTube to create a legacy resource.

To Learn More:

Click on the image below and download a copy of the Program Brochure for the Blue Ecology Virtual Seminar.


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Registration is by donation, with the options being $0, $10, $20 and $30. The pricing is attractive because a seminar objective is to reach beyond the usual target audiences and introduce Blue Ecology to the community at large.