PROGRAM BROCHURE FOR WATERSHED MOMENTS 2021 / BLUE ECOLOGY VIRTUAL SEMINAR: Partnership for Water Sustainability and NALT release panel information and registration details for ‘bridging event” during the evening of January 20, 2022

Note to Reader:

Beginning in 2018, the Partnership for Water Sustainability and the Nanaimo & Area Land Trust (NALT) have co-produced Watershed Moments, the Vancouver Island Water Stewardship in a Changing Climate Annual Symposia Series. In November, the Partnership and NALT are hosting Watershed Moments 2021 / Blue Ecology Virtual Seminar as a bridging event. The next full-scale symposium will be in 2022.

Watershed Education Initiatives: A Panel Conversation

In the 4th annual event in the Watershed Moments Series, Michael Blackstock is the lead member of a 4-person panel that will share their experiences in trail-blazing watershed education for youth. He is joined by Linda Brooymans, Steph Cottell and Christina (Tina) Willard-Stepan. Blue Ecology, the interweaving of Indigenous and Western water stewardship knowledge is the over-arching theme for the event.

Richard Boase, Section Manager Environmental Sustainability (Operations) with the District of North Vancouver, returns as Moderator for the 4th annual event in the Watershed Moments Series. He has a deep understanding of the subject matter resulting from three decades of stewardship work through a local government lens, has an innate ability to ask the questions that get to the heart of the matter, shares his enthusiasm with panelists and audience alike and sometimes even surprises the organizers with impromptu action items.

“In no small part, we owe the success of the Water Stewardship Symposia series to Richard’s deft involvement from planning to presentation,” stated Paul Chapman, Chair.


Over a 2- hour period, the Blue Ecology Virtual Seminar is structured in three parts: 1) a set of context presentations; 2) a conversation among the panelists; and 3) audience questions to the panel.

The seminar is an evening event, beginning at 7PM and concluding at 9PM.

The seminar will be delivered through a combination of Zoom and YouTube to create a legacy resource.

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Click on the image below and download a copy of the Program Brochure for the Blue Ecology Virtual Seminar.


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Registration is by donation, with the options being $0, $10, $20 and $30. The pricing is attractive because a seminar objective is to reach beyond the usual target audiences and introduce Blue Ecology to the community at large.