VIDEO 3 / RESTORATION & RESILIENCE / WATERSHED MOMENTS VIRTUAL SYMPOSIUM / AVAILABLE ON YOUTUBE: Titled “International Year of the Salmon”, two versions are available for viewing / one is the stand-alone documentary; the other is the livestream broadcast which includes the Q & A session / Video 3 was livestreamed on December 3, 2020

Note to Reader:

COVID has changed and challenged how we do outreach and peer-based education. Now both must be done virtually. The Partnership for Water Sustainability in collaboration with the Nanaimo & Area Land Trust have moved well beyond a Zoom webinar to create “Watershed Moments, the Video Trilogy Series” on YouTube.

The third module features Dr. Kim Hyatt and Nick Leone of Fisheries and Oceans Canada, and Dr. Peter Tschaplinski and Neil Goeller of the BC Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy.

The partnership vision is that delivering the series via YouTube will provide enduring value as a legacy educational resource. After the series concludes, viewers will have the option to watch and share each video again and again. It is the experience that will keep on giving! 

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VIDEO 3 TITLE > International Year of the Salmon: Will Lightning Strike Twice?

We Have the Thinking Figured Out

In the video, this federal-provincial team of applied scientists elaborate on why the International Year of the Salmon, a multi-year program, represents a ‘once in a generation’ moment to reconnect fish, people and the landscape through shared federal-provincial authority.

Who are Kim Hyatt, Peter Tschaplinski, Neil Goeller and Nick Leone? What roles do they play within senior government agencies? What is the source of passion for each? How have their life experiences shaped their thinking about restoration of altered landscapes? Why do they believe that the International Year of the Salmon is a “once in a generation” moment to inspire and mobilize communities, apply science-based understanding, and reconnect hydrology and ecology?

And what is their key message? “We have the thinking figured out. We can take lessons learned and bring them back to our regional and local context, and inspire people to do better.”

Click the PLAY button below to watch the “documentary version” of the third video in the set of three that constitute the 2020 Watershed Moments Virtual Symposium

Click the PLAY button below to watch the “livestream broadcast version” which has an introduction and Question & Answer Period as book-ends