VIDEO 2 / VALUING ECOLOGICAL ASSETS / WATERSHED MOMENTS VIRTUAL SYMPOSIUM / AVAILABLE ON YOUTUBE: Titled “Ecological Assets as Systems and Services”, two versions are available for viewing / one is the stand-alone documentary; the other is the livestream broadcast which includes the Q & A session / Video 2 was livestreamed on November 26, 2020

Note to Reader:

COVID has changed and challenged how we do outreach and peer-based education. Now both must be done virtually. The Partnership for Water Sustainability in collaboration with the Nanaimo & Area Land Trust have moved well beyond a Zoom webinar to create “Watershed Moments, the Video Trilogy Series” on YouTube.

The second module features Tim Pringle, Chair of the Ecological Accounting Process Initiative (EAP); and Emanuel Machado, Chair of the Municipal Natural Assets Initiative (MNAI).

The partnership vision is that delivering the series via YouTube will provide enduring value as a legacy educational resource. After the series concludes, viewers will have the option to watch and share each video again and again. It is the experience that will keep on giving! 

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Registration remains open for Video 3 on December 3, 2020.

VIDEO 2 TITLE > Ecological Assets as Systems and Services

Nature’s Assets Support Core Local Government Services

In the video, Tim Pringle and Emanuel Machado illustrate how to take into account the social, ecological and financial values of ecological assets when developing metrics and calculating the financial value of ecological systems such as streams and adjoining riparian setbacks.

Who are Emanuel Machado and Tim Pringle? What is the source of their  passion? How have their life experiences shaped their thinking and approach to valuing ecological assets? How they are inspiring local governments to incorporate ecological assets within an asset management strategy? How do you put a new idea into play?

And what is this team’s key message? “We are looking at a whole system. The natural and built environments are interconnected. Without an ecological system, there are no ecological services.”

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