IN MEMORIAM: Gail Adrienne (1944-2020), founding Executive Director, Nanaimo & Area Land Trust (NALT) – “Gail was a force FOR nature”

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The Partnership for Water Sustainability linked together with NALT (Nanaimo and Area Land Trust) in 2017 to co-host what was going to be a stand alone event on Water Sustainability. The first event, in 2018, was a resounding success. This then led to an annual symposia series on water stewardship in a changing climate. Now in 2020, NALT and The Partnership continue to share a vision for harnessing the power of collaboration and inspiring all BC communities to get involved. The early support of Gail Adrienne made collaboration possible. Paul Chapman, her successor, has since carried the ball to build a relationship of substance with The Partnership. 

A Tribute to Gail Adrienne (1944-2020), written by Paul Chapman, current NALT Executive Director

“On Sunday, November 8th, Gail Adrienne, NALT’s founding Executive Director, passed away in her room at the Malaspina Gardens care home. We were all shocked when Gail suffered a fall and significant head injury in the late summer of 2017 that ultimately prevented her return to the helm at NALT. Prior to the restrictions imposed by concerns about COVID-19, Gail enjoyed visits with friends and family at Malaspina Gardens. Gail passed quietly and peacefully,” wrote Paul Chapman.

“Gail’s influence on NALT and our community has been profound, from the early efforts at watershed stewardship under Project 2000; the successful acquisition of the land that is now Cottle Lake Park in Linley Valley and then the fundraisers such as the Music for the Mountain music festival to secure what is now known as the Mount Benson Regional Park; to support and mentorship of other land acquisitions like the Nanaimo River Regional Park and Moorecroft Regional Park; and the myriad other ways she worked to support, promote and protect the natural values of land and water in our area.

“2020 is the NALT 25th Anniversary. For 22 of those years, for every initiative listed in Twenty-Five Years of NALT Milestones, Gail had her hands, heart and soul (and considerable will) invested in NALT’s and our community’s stewardship success. In the three years since her injury, her influence can still be seen in everything NALT does.

“Gail’s legacy lives on when people enjoy a walk in Linley Valley through Cottle Lake Park and the associated park lands added to this linchpin acquisition. Her legacy is felt when hiking Mount Benson or looking up at its seasonal snow-covered heights. Her work is reflected in B.C.’s thriving land trust movement. Her efforts inform the decisions made by the City’s Environment Committee and are reflected in our Official Community Plan.

“Gail was a force for nature.

“May she rest in peace knowing she made a positive difference in our community.”

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Download a copy of Twenty-Five Years of NALT Milestones.