AT THE BOWKER CREEK FORUM: “We also talk about watershed governance in the report. It is very difficult to do watershed planning if you have fragmented jurisdictions,” stated Calvin Sandborn, Legal Director of the Environmental Law Clinic at the University of Victoria, when he announced the release of Re-Inventing Rainwater Management in the Capital Region (February 2010)

Note to Reader:

The report titled Re-Inventing Rainwater Management in the Capital Region was produced by the Environmental Law Clinic (ELC) at the University of Victoria. During the inter-regional sharing and learning session at the Bowker Creek Forum, Calvin Sandborn announced release of the document.

Call for Action

Released in February 2010, Re-Inventing Rainwater Management describes the environmental and stream health problems in the Capital Region that are the legacy of an obsolete 19th century stormwater management system—a system that fails to respect natural systems and water cycles.

“The report documents how ‘green’ rainwater management has now been adopted by engineers, developers, planners and governments across North America,” stated Calvin Sandborn, ELC Legal Director and lead author of Re-Inventing Rainwater Management.

“The report also demonstrates that ‘Design with Nature’ approaches and Low Impact Development techniques are environmentally superior, and often are cheaper. In addition, they can provide incalculable benefits.”

Need for Rainwater Commission

“A Regional Commission is necessary to overcome the main barrier to rational rainwater management: the fragmented jurisdiction over runoff in our region. We envision that the new Commission would create a long-term Regional Integrated Watershed Management Plan with a number of mandatory targets.”

Strategy for a 21st Century Green City

“This strategy shows how Greater Victoria can become a 21st century Green City.  If we implement this strategy, salmon can again flourish in our urban streams.  We can protect public health from stormwater sewage.  We can protect orca and local shellfish beds.  And we can expand urban green spaces and recreational opportunities.”

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Download and read Re-Inventing Rainwater Management: A Strategy to Protect Health and Restore Resources in the Capital Region

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