AT PARKSVILLE 2019: On April 3, the theme for Day One of the Symposium on Water Stewardship in a Changing Climate is SUSTAINABLE STREAM RESTORATION >>> “Reconnect hydrology and ecology – because what happens on the land in the creekshed matters to streams!” (REGISTRATION NOW OPEN)

In the 1990s, Dr. Chris May’s seminal research defined the relationship between land use change and stream impacts. To protect and/or or restore stream ecology, and thereby achieve the goal of Sustainable Stream Restoration, communities must address the root causes of ‘changes in hydrology’ (water quantity). Chris May is both an environmental scientist and an engineer. He will open Parksville 2019 with a presentation titled The Science Behind the Whole-System, Water Balance Approach.

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AT PARKSVILLE 2019: On April 4, the theme for Day Two of the Symposium on Water Stewardship in a Changing Climate is RESTORATIVE LAND DEVELOPMENT >>> “Yes, we can decrease our destructive footprint while at the same time increasing our restorative footprint!” (REGISTRATION NOW OPEN)

In his first book, titled The Restoration Economy (2002), Storm Cunningham included a working definition of restorative development as follows: “the process of adding new value to natural or built assets, ideally in a manner that detracts neither from their other preexisting values, nor from the value of other assets”. His books are meant to launch a new dialogue about the “whole” created by the myriad activities that are already restoring our built and natural environments worldwide.

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PARKSVILLE 2019 SYMPOSIUM: Make Where We Live Better through Restorative Development – How will communities ‘get it right’ through collaboration as land develops and redevelops? (April 2-3-4, 2019) (Registration Open)

The Parksville 2019 Symposium is a milestone event on a multi-year ‘convening for action’ journey. A decade of effort on Vancouver Island, by partnerships of local governments and community stewards, is demonstrating success on the ground where it matters. They are on a pathway to reconnect hydrology and ecology. Parksville 2019 will celebrate success stories that are characterized by three attributes: commitment, collaboration and the ‘hard work of hope’. “Vancouver Island success stories are beacons of hope. They demonstrate how a good strategy is the path to success,” stated Kim Stephens.

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