Parksville 2019 on YouTube > RECONOMICS Process for Community Revitalization and Watershed Restoration – “I have yet to find a community or region that had the complete 6-step process, and a process that is not complete is not a process at all,” stated Storm Cunningham (April 2019)

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The Parksville 2019 Symposium has been captured in its entirety in a comprehensive set of  videos that have been uploaded to the Partnership for Water Sustainability’s YouTube Channel for ease of access by those who are curious and/or interested to learn about what transpired on April 2-3-4 in Parksville, British Columbia.

In April 2019, Storm Cunningham was the headliner for the “Parksville 2019 Symposium on Water Stewardship in a Changing Climate”. The City of Parksville was the setting for this second in an annual Vancouver Island symposium series.

He made two presentations: a public lecture; and the closing module. The closing presentation was titled “INCREASING OUR RESTORATIVE FOOTPRINT, DECREASING OUR DESTRUCTIVE FOOTPRINT”.

Storm focused on process, and the components that are necessary for a successful process. He identified six steps that comprise the RECONOMICS Process.

Most of the communities and regions he has encountered have two or three of the six elements of that process, said Storm Cunningham. A few have four, or even five. But he has yet to find one that had the complete process, and a process that is not complete is not a process at all, Storm underscored.

What Do You Wonder?

The story of Parksville 2019 is told in a magazine-style narrative titled “RE-CAP AND REFLECTIONS”.

The “re-cap and reflections” document was written for two audiences – first and foremost, for those who attended Parksville 2019 and wish to have an accessible and quotable reference document at their fingertips, so that they can share the story with others; and secondarily, for those who have heard about Parksville 2019 and are curious to learn more about the ‘story behind the story’, so that they may understand why this event represents a watershed moment for so many who were there.

About Parksville 2019

Close to 200 delegates attended this 3-day event. Parksville 2019 comprised a field day followed by a 2-day symposium. Storm Cunningham’s public lecture was the bridge between the two symposium days.

The program objectives for Parksville 2019 helped to inform and establish expectations. It was a matter of providing context and then being clear and succinct about the desired takeaways.

To provide relevance for streamkeepers, the theme for Day One was Sustainable Stream Restoration. To capture the attention of those in local government, the theme for Day Two was Restorative Land Development.

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The components are familiar, so all places have some. But none have all. A process with missing components is not a process. You can add to it, but do not subtract.