STORYLINE OVERVIEW: Creating an Actionable Vision for Drinking Water & Watershed Protection in the Regional District of Nanaimo – attend the Parksville 2019 Symposium and learn what is envisioned for the Second Decade (Module B on Day Two)

Charting a New Course to a Sustainable Water Future

Ten years ago, the Regional District of Nanaimo (RDN) embarked on delivering a service never before established by a Regional District in British Columbia. The Drinking Water and Watershed Protection (DWWP) function, approved by elector assent in 2008, has provided water-related education & outreach, water data collection, science & monitoring, and water policy advocacy & planning support, for the past decade with marked accomplishments and certain challenges.

In 2019, the RDN is updating their Action Plan for DWWP to incorporate learnings from the implementation thus far, and integrate elements that will be the focus of an “actionable vision” for the next decade and more. The Parksville 2019 Symposium is a ‘sharing & learning’ opportunity that will help inform the DWWP Action Plan update.

At Parksville 2019, the story of how a strong foundation of public outreach and science was built over the first decade will lead into a lively discussion on opportunities and emphasis for the next 10 years of water sustainability initiatives. It is the successful cultivation of awareness and data that will inform policy and planning in order to make better land and water decisions and tackle regional water issues in the next decade.

The RDN is positioned to tackle regional water issues and help to create a vision to chart a new course to a sustainable water future. At Parksville 2019, Julie Pisani (DWWP Coordinator) will tell the story of the Drinking Water and Watershed Protection function, and will also conduct an interactive session to engage the audience.

To Learn More:

Join delegates from the east coast of Vancouver Island and beyond, and attend a ‘watershed moment’ in the City of Parksville on April 2-3-4 for a field day followed by the 2-day symposium. The bridge between the two symposium days is a free public lecture by Storm Cunningham, author of The Restoration Economy.

To prepare for the session that Julie Pisani will conduct, read IMPROVING WHERE WE LIVE: Building Nanaimo Region’s “Actionable Vision” for Water & Watersheds / Learn More at Parksville 2019 / April 2-3-4 (Announcement #5, February 2019)

Also, download a PDF copy of Charting a New Course to a Sustainable Water Future, an article co-authored by Julie Pisani and Pat Lapcevic on the RDN’s Drinking Water and Watershed Protection program, and published in the January/February 2018 issue of Innovation Magazine.