PARKSVILLE 2019 SYMPOSIUM FUNDER: Pacific Salmon Foundation – transforming the public’s outlook to realize the connection wild Pacific salmon have with everything that is British Columbia

Note to Reader:

The Pacific Salmon Foundation (PSF), founded in 1987, is dedicated to the conservation and restoration of wild Pacific salmon and their natural habitats in British Columbia and the Yukon.  Operating independently from government, The Foundation facilitates dialogue and undertakes positive initiatives in support of Pacific salmon amongst all levels of government including First Nations; as well as industry, communities, individual volunteers and all fishing interests. The mission of PSF is:

  • To provide thoughtful leadership in the conservation, restoration, and enhancement of Pacific salmon and their ecosystems.
  • To bring salmon back, stream by stream … through strategic partnerships and leveraged use of resources.

Through a grant awarded to the Mid Vancouver Island Habitat Enhancement Society, one of three host organizations, the Pacific Salmon Foundation is helping to underwrite the Parksville 2019 Symposium so that registration fees for the stewardship sector are affordable.

Putting Salmon First: Dialogue and Impacts

“The Pacific Salmon Foundation exists to support ‘salmon communities’ in their efforts, promote awareness of these keystone species, and guide the sustainable future of wild Pacific salmon and their habitat,” stated Jim Shinkewski, Manager, Salmon Recovery Programs.

“We are a catalyst – working to accelerate the regeneration of wild Pacific salmon, an invaluable natural resource.

“We steward the investment of our available resources – both human and financial – to optimize our collective return.

“With ongoing education, partnership and collaboration, we will positively transform people’s outlook to realize the connection wild Pacific salmon have with everything that is British Columbia.

“The Pacific Salmon Foundation is therefore pleased to support the Parksville 2019 Symposium as it is well connected to our mission of salmon conservation and watershed health. It is a good opportunity to empower the stewardship community to address current and future challenges related to a changing climate and to celebrate past accomplishments in this area. PSF welcomes such an opportunity to participate in this important process.”


For the complete storyline, download the PARKSVILLE 2019 BROCHURE. This is a comprehensive package that maps out the field day plus 2-day symposium. Designed to paint a picture of the field day and 2-day symposium, a series of announcements have delved into the details of the cascading program to inform, educate and establish expectations. Click on the links below: