PARKSVILLE 2019 SYMPOSIUM SPONSOR: Tectonica – “Develop and redevelop in ways that reduce the burden on the environment,” says Bil Derby

Note to Reader:

Tectonica has been providing Construction and Project Management services across Vancouver Island since 2005. The company specializes in commercial and institutional projects. 

Dialogue is the Key

“Our decision to support NALT and the Water Stewardship Symposium comes from a strong belief that communities can develop and redevelop in ways that reduce the burden on the environment,” stated Bil Derby, Project Manager with Tectonica Management Inc.

“Whether this is through innovative storm water management approaches in urban areas that reintroduce storm drainage to ground water or through the use of constructed wetlands and the restoration of natural wetlands to mitigate the impacts of development on natural hydrology the development community can play a strong role, but only with broader support of the community.

“Dialogue is the key to any strategy and this symposium creates the opportunity for discussions that create the energy, and understanding, in the community to provide direction to current and future policy makers.”

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For the complete storyline, download the PARKSVILLE 2019 BROCHURE. This is a comprehensive package that maps out the field day plus 2-day symposium. Designed to paint a picture of the field day and 2-day symposium, a series of announcements have delved into the details of the cascading program to inform, educate and establish expectations. Click on the links below: