“Parksville 2019” – Coming Soon!

Water Stewardship in a Changing Climate

aerial view of the City of Parksville on the east coast of Vancouver Island

2019 Theme: Make Better Land Use Decisions

In 2019, join us in Parksville at the City’s Community and Conference Centre (132 E. Jensen Avenue) for a field day on April 2, followed by a 2-day symposium on April 3-4.

This event is a program deliverable for “Sustainable Watershed Systems, through Asset Management”, implemented under the umbrella of the Georgia Basin Inter-Regional Education Initiative.

Stay tuned for more details, in particular how to register, in the coming weeks and months!

For many years, the Partnership for Water Sustainability in British Columbia has provided leadership for the “convening for action” initiative on Vancouver Island. It is noteworthy that this initiative had its genesis in the two Meeting of the Minds workshops that were held in Parksville in 2005 and 2006. Therefore, the “Parksville 2019” event is timely in terms of reminding us of this historical connection.

Nanaimo 2018 Symposium

Held in April 2018, Water Symposium #1 was a ‘call to action’. The theme? Build on the good outcomes that flow from local government and stewardship sector collaboration!

Symposium #1 introduced a vision for ‘restorative land development’ that would re-establish creekshed function. And it energized the audience with this challenge: How will communities ‘get it right’ through collaboration as land develops and redevelops?

To Learn More:

Visit https://waterbucket.ca/viw/category/convening-for-action-in-2018/nanaimo-water-stewardship-symposium/

Parksville 2019 Symposium

Water Symposium #2 will celebrate local government initiatives on Vancouver Island that are ‘getting it right’. These success stories are characterized by 3 attributes: commitment, collaboration and the ‘hard work of hope’.

A decade of effort, by partnerships of local governments and community stewards, is demonstrating success on the ground where it matters. They are on a pathway to reconnect hydrology and ecology. Follow the leaders!

2018 Nanaimo Water Stewardship Symposium