CONVENING FOR ACTION ALONG THE EAST COAST OF VANCOUVER ISLAND: Regional District of Nanaimo shares its successes and challenges in protecting water resources at inter-regional meeting held in April 2017

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In April 2017, the Cowichan Valley Regional District hosted a meeting of mid-Vancouver Island regional districts (Cowichan Valley, Nanaimo Region and Comox Valley). Their purpose in meeting was to share successes and challenges in protecting water resources.

Creating a Legacy - Georgia Basin_Apr-2017

Regional Team Approach in RDN founded on Sustainable Partnerships and Reliable Funding

“The meeting with both CVRDs was a great opportunity to emerge from our daily region-focused work, and share the big picture about our unique approach to water randy-alexander_120pinitiatives in our region,” states Randy Alexander, General Manager, Regional and Community Utilities.

“The focus of our presentation was the regional function of the RDN Drinking Water and Watershed Protection (DWWP) program – what prompted its creation, how it was created, and how/why/where it has been successful.”

RDN Drinking Water & Watershed Protection Plan

“Our approach is to take a regional, watershed approach to education programs, data collection, monitoring activities and scientific studies, and advocating for policy and informing land-use planning from a water-centric view,” continues Julie Pisani, Julie Pisani_RDN_120pDWWP Coordinator.

“The reliable long-term funding designated for our DWWP program has really enabled us to engage in meaningful and durable collaborative relationships with different groups and agencies. It has allowed us to pursue long-term datasets and take a long range view that enables better planning based on better information.”

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To read the complete story, download Peer-based Learning is Motivating and Powerful – Moving Towards “Sustainable Watershed Systems, through Asset Management”, released in May 2017.