Bob Sandford, Chair for Water & Climate Security at the United Nations University Institute, is keynote speaker at Comox Valley Eco-Asset Management Symposium (March 14-15, 2017)


Discovering Nature’s Infrastructure

”The stewardship and conservation sector has traditionally focused on habitat restoration and protection of lands with high ecological values,” states David Stapley, Program Manager with the Comox Valley Conservation Partnership.

David Stapley_2009_120pWith cumulative impacts from climate change, urban and resource development escalating, these groups have now become community leaders in educating and supporting improved land use practices.”

“To address these escalating challenges, the Eco-Assets Symposium will promote measures that capture the value of ecological assets to address infrastructure and climate change issues by integrating them into land use planning and practice.”

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Moment of Truth for a Changing Climate

One of the Symposium keynote speakers is Bob Sandford. He is the Chair for Water and Climate Security, United Nations University Institute for Water, Environment and Health. Bob will describe the changing climate and provide suggestions as to what effects we can expect in a future Comox Valley climate.

“If we are to achieve any meaningful level of sustainable development all development has to not only be sustainable, but restorative.  We can no longer simply aim to slow or stop damage to the Earth system; we have to thoughtfully restore declining Earth system function,” stated Bob Sandford

“We face so many overlapping and intersecting crises we can no longer afford to fix them one at a time or in isolation of one another. All future development must seek double, triple if not quadruple benefits in terms of the restoration of fundamental Earth system function as reflected in biodiversity stability, efficient water use, soil vitality, carbon storage and human and planetary health.”

“In order to achieve these goals it is important to further incentivize acceleration of advancements in both engineering and planning toward which everyone I am sure aspires.”

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