FLASHBACK TO 2008: Eric Bonham explained the CAVI mission when he co-presented the “Year One Progress Report” at Ministry of Environment Workshop (video)

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Watch the video posted on YouTube of the presentation by Eric Bonham in February 2008 (11:00 minutes). Click on the image:

Creating Our Future

In February 2008, the Ministry of Environment invited Eric Bonham and Kim Stephens to provide a progress report on CAVI-Convening for Action on Vancouver Island. The venue for their presentation was the second annual ‘water workshop’, held in Nanaimo.

CAVI Explained

The genesis of CAVI can actually be traced back to 2002, explained Eric Bonham, a founding member of the CAVI Leadership Team and formerly a Director in both the Ministry of Environment and Ministry of Municipal Affairs.

“When I was still with the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and a member of the Board of the BC Water & Waste Association….we took ourselves up and down Vancouver Island. We asked the same question: What will Vancouver Island look like in 50 years?

Eric Bonham (2006)_120pThere was a sense of urgency. We wanted to talk about and establish some way of collaborating on Vancouver Island.  We found that the north is not talking to the south, and the east is not talking to the west.”

“So, we said why don’t we pull these people together. And we did! In 2005 we held the first Meeting of the Minds in Parksville. We brought together a diverse group of 40 people from three levels of government, academia, NGOs, First Nations and the business sector.”

“This led to a consultation workshop in conjunction with the Water in the City Conference in September 2006. Out of that came CAVI.”

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