Capital Regional District: Partnership for Water Sustainability updates elected representatives about inter-regional collaboration

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Progress Report on 2014 Work Plan for Inter-Regional Collaboration

In 2012, the Partnership for Water Sustainability in British Columbia asked the Boards of five regional districts – namely Capital, Cowichan Valley, Nanaimo, Comox Valley and Metro Vancouver – to endorse local government collaboration under the umbrella of the Inter-Regional Education Initiative (IREI). The partners are now in Year 3 of inter-regional collaboration.

In February 2014, Kim Stephens, Partnership Executive Director met with the Environmental Services Committee of the Capital Regional District (CRD) to present a Progress Report on Inter-Regional Collaboration for Watershed Sustainability.

“We know the importance of watersheds, not only for producing our own water, but also for sustainability of the environment generally,” stated Oak Bay Mayor Nils Jensen, Mayor Nils Jensen1_120pChair of the Environmental Services Committee, when he introduced Kim Stephens.

At the conclusion of the reporting out and discussion, Chair Jensen stated that: “Speaking as one of the communities involved in the collaborative effort for Bowker, I can attest for the need for collaboration in these kinds of situations; and also the success that can come out of collaborative efforts.”

Framework for Collaboration

“In 2014, the partner regions are hosting a series of Inter-Regional Collaboration Sessions. This process aligns with each region’s priorities and individual work plans. Regions will be sharing and learning from each other. The deliverable is a workbook that may be used by local governments as a guidance document to adjust actions, inform watershed planning, and create a legacy that is, healthy watersheds and streams,” stated Kim Stephens when he met with CRD committee.

Kim-Stephens_April-2013_trimmed3_120p“The inter-regional team’s mantra for collaboration is framed this way: Through sharing and learning, ensure that where we are going in indeed the right way. In terms of being very focussed in Year 3 after having had a period of relationship-building over the past couple of years, the vision of the team is that communities will mimic the natural water balance and protect water quality. If you get the first part right, the second will follow.”

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