IREI: Vision for inter-regional collaboration introduced to Metro Vancouver Regional Planning Advisory Committee in July 2012


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Sustainable Rainwater Management: Mimic the Water Balance and Protect Stream Health

In July 2012, the rainwater component of the Metro Vancouver region’s Integrated Liquid Waste & Resource Management Plan provided the back drop for a presentation by Kim Stephens to the Regional Planning Advisory Committee (RPAC). The Integrated Plan was adopted by the Regional Board in May 2010 and approved by the Minister of Environment in May 2011

Kim Stephens (120p) - 2012Kim Stephens is the Executive Director of the Partnership for Water Sustainability in BC. The Partnership’s responsibilities included delivery of an inter-regional education initiative for Rainwater Management in a Watershed Sustainability Context.

“When the Minister approved the Integrated Plan, he connected the dots between land use planning and watershed health. Hence, this is the pertinence to RPAC,” Kim Stephens told the RPAC members.

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“Kim’s presentation informed RPAC members regarding the responsibility of individual municipality’s responsibility to comply with the Environmental Management Act and mimic the water balance to protect stream health. We learned about inter-regional collaboration opportunities regarding aligned workloads, shared tools and experiences, and leveraged resources. RPAC members supported the initiative, particularly the focus on sharing practices and case studies,” summarized Susan Haid (District of North Vancouver), RPAC Chair.

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Inter-Regional Collaboration Education Initiative

To help RPAC municipal members understand how they can better deliver on their municipality’s regulatory commitments, Kim Stephens described the benefits of an Inter-Regional Educational Initiative for ‘Rainwater Management in a Watershed Sustainability Context’  that is underway on Vancouver Island.

KimStephens_RPAC presentation_July2012_IREI“We wish to formalize participation of the Metro Vancouver region so that inter-regional collaboration evolves into a Georgia Basin Inter-Regional Education Initiative. Currently, Surrey and North Van District are participating,” explained Kim Stephens.

“To identify future roles and opportunities, we are seeking input and support from RPAC for an approach that is Georgia Basin in scope and scale. We met with the Metro Vancouver Utilities Committee in May to present this vision, and will be reporting back in October.”

“While Metro Vancouver’s Stormwater Interagency Liaison Group (SILG) provides a forum for Metro Vancouver members and senior government regulators to share information on rainwater and stormwater management issues, there is no formal mechanism to enable inter-regional collaboration. The Partnership fills this gap by bringing together local governments, regulators and businesses around the Georgia Basin to address shared issues with consistent, workable solutions.”

“Through collaboration, the Inter-Regional Education Initiative will advance a consistent approach to rainwater management and green infrastructure practices on both sides of the Georgia Basin. This will help everyone go farther, more efficiently and effectively,” concluded Kim Stephens.

To Learn More:

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