Comox Valley Regional District is a Champion Supporter of the Partnership for Water Sustainability




Commitment to Water Sustainability

In January 2013, the Partnership for Water Sustainability in BC formally recognized the Comox Valley Regional District as a Champion Supporter of the Partnership.

“The Champion Supporter designation is the Partnership’s way of formally recognizing government and non-government organizations that provide the Partnership with ongoing financial and/or in-kind support; and also play a leadership role in the ‘convening for action’ initiative,” wrote Kim Stephens, Partnership Executive Director.

“While the Partnership is a not-for-profit society, our voting members mostly represent local governments. Hence, the Comox Valley Regional District’s demonstrated commitment to achieving the vision for water sustainability in a local government setting is vitally important to the Partnership’s capability to carry out our mission.”


Inter-Regional Education Initiative

“In February 2012, we asked the Comox Valley Regional Board for their support so that we could bring together three other regional districts and initiate the Inter-Regional Education Initiative on Rainwater Management in a Watershed Sustainability Context (IREI). We also asked that the CVRD be the lead regional district. The Board agreed to both requests. This provided us with the early momentum necessary to bring the IREI to fruition.”

“Significantly, the 2012 set of Comox Valley regional team working sessions constituted ‘proof of approach’ for the IREI. We also organized a flagship event in each of the other three partner regional districts. The experience we gained will help facilitate full-scale implementation on both sides of the Georgia Basin in 2013 and beyond,” concludes Kim Stephens.


Need for Integrated Inter-Basin Approach

In August 2011, the Comox Valley Regional Board passed a series of resolutions pertaining to an integrated watershed approach to rainwater management. These resolutions highlighted the need for province-wideaction related to how drainage is regulated by the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure. These resolutions also set the stage for the region to play a leadership role in the Inter-Regional Education Initiative.

There are a number of issues related to stormwater and drainage that require coordination between the regional district, member municipalities and the provincial government. Analysis and recommendations on improvements are needed to ensure that the processes and requirements of the CVRD and MoTI are effective, follow best management practices and that no gaps in responsibility are present,”  wrote Debra Oakman, CVRD Chief Administrative Officer, in her 2011 report to the Board.

“While stormwater and drainage issues are often dealt with on a case by case basis, an integrated basin-wide approach is ultimately required to handle issues that affect all local governments within the CVRD,” concluded Debra Oakman.


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