CAVI Forum within VIEA Summit – "highlight of the two-day summit", says NALT's Gail Adrienne



Excellent and Very Inclusive Format

“For me personally and for my organization, this sesson was probably the highlight of the Summit. I agree that the format was excellent and very inclusive. It was probably also the best networking opportunity of the two-day summit.  What I will do differently is read Eva Kras’s book and endeavour to get more involved with the Partnership for Water Sustainability,” stated Gail Adrienne, Executive Director of the Nanaimo & Area Land Trust (NALT), following the Forum.

THE BLOCKAGE – Rethinking Organizational Principles for the 21st Century

Eva Kras, a past-President of the Canadian Society for Ecological Economics, was the featured presenter in the CAVI Forum. She is a visionary, scholar, traveler and author of THE BLOCKAGE–Rethinking Organizational Principles for the 21st Century.

In her presentation, Eva Kras focussed on the nature of the BLOCKAGE that makes it so challenging for individuals and communities to move from talk (i.e awareness) to action (i.e. practice). According to Eva Kras, a key to bridging the gap between talk and action is understanding how our brains function – that is, ‘left brain’ versus ‘right brain’ thinking.

About NALT:

NALT is a non-government organization. The mission of NALT is to promote and protect the natural values of land in the Nanaimo area.

A land trust is an organization that exists to protect land. It has the authority to set up conservation covenants, and to designate and monitor land use agreements in perpetuity. A land trust may also raise funds to purchase valuable green space and carry out stewardship projects that preserve and enhance the natural values of land.. A variety of lands, from suburban to wilderness may benefit from trust agreements and activities.