Vancouver Island Economic Alliance aligns efforts with CAVI — will play a role in Inter-Regional Education Initiative




Towards a Shared Vision for Vancouver Island

Each year, the Vancouver Island Economic Alliance (VIEA) holds a State of the Island Economic Summit. In November 2010, and as an outcome of CAVI participation in the 2010 Summit, the VIEA Board adopted a 3-Year Plan which identified collaboration with CAVI as a high priority for 2011.

This commitment was reaffirmed by the VIEA Board in February 2012. Also, VIEA confirmed its participation in the Inter-Regional Education Initiative, by offering its in-kind support at the 2012 State of the Island Economic Summit.


Settlement, Ecology and Economy in Balance

“As a collaborative partnership spearheading regional economic development for the Vancouver Island, we’re thrilled to be part of such a worthwhile initiative. Perhaps the most George hanson (200p)important objective is bringing together settlement, ecology and economy in balance,” stated George Hanson, VIEA President.

Mr. Hanson further stated: “As a non-profit alliance society, VIEA is committed to promoting a sustainable and diversified economy for all residents of the Vancouver Island economic region. By aligning our organization with CAVI, we can play a role in building strong communities and ensure that careful stewardship of our natural resources is preserved.”