Linking Island Leaders Project: Where there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved

Regional Collaboration: A Groundswell on Vancouver Island

On October 18-19, the Vancouver Island Economic Alliance (VIEA) is holding its 5th Annual Summit. On the afternoon of October 18th, CAVI-Convening for Action on Vancouver Island and the VIEA Sustainability Committee are co-hosting a 3-hour “Forum within the Summit”.

The Forum will connect the dots to VIEA’s Linking Island Leaders Project. Initiated in 2009, the findings and recommendations were unveiled at the 2010 Summit. The Link Team found that a groundswell is building up and down the Island for regional collaboration.

To view the program at a glance, click on VIEA Summit: Draft Agenda for CAVI Forum. The article below elaborates on program objectives and elements.

Together is AmAZING!

“VIEA collaboration with CAVI creates an opportunity for early success in moving forward with the Link Project. The ‘Forum within the Summit’ can provide us with a springboard to Island-wide action,” states Rick Roberts, VIEA Past-Chair. The following day he is moderating a session titled The Link Project – One Year Later.

“Together we can achieve much in all things…just imagine the strength of committed individuals all working towards a common focus. The individuals and groups interviewed during the LINK process challenged us to make that happen…to create that kind of legacy for the project and for all communities on Vancouver Island. Or as Shaw Communications has been telling us for the last year: ‘Together is amazing!’ I look forward to the continuation of this critical work at the Summit and beyond. Together is indeed amazing!”

About the Link Project

“During a 12-month period ending October 2010, VIEA administered a research project that we called Linking Island Leaders. The results of this project contained the collective voices of several hundred island leaders. What they shared with us went way beyond the initial mandate of the project and set the foundation for a huge leap forward in Regional Economic Readiness,” continues Rick Roberts.

Actions to Enhance Regional Economic Collaboration

“On review of  local government  economic development strategies, statement and websites, three common economic objectives were identified: diversified economies; improved relationships with First Nations; and sustainability.”

“The final Link Project report outlined 6 key recommendations and 34 action items to enhance Regional Economic Collaboration. The VIEA Board evaluated strategic directions highlighted in the report, and established two priority areas to undertake immediately: a Business to Business Event, including doing business with First Nations; and a Sustainability Initiative for Vancouver Island. The first Business to Business event occurred in March 2011 in Parksville. The second is in the works for 2012.”

“Any Regional Economic Strategy and workplan however will only become a reality through collaboration. As American Mattie Stepanek said: ‘Unity is strength…where there is teamwork and collaboration…wonderful things can be achieved’,” concludes Rick Roberts.

To Learn More:

The Link Project collected the pieces of the puzzle that create a picture of economic development for Vancouver Island. For the complete story on the six recommendations, click on Link Project Report