Seminar #2 in the 2011 Comox Valley Series: Links to downloadable versions of articles



A Regional Response to Infrastructure Liability

“A key goal of the Convening for Action program is to record our history as we create it. Hence, we place emphasis on preparing articles that will capture the thinking of those who are generating the curriculum content for the annual Learning Lunch Seminar Series,” explains Kim Stephens, facilitator and Executive Director of the Partnership for Water Sustainability in British Columbia.


Downloadable Articles:

Click on the following links to download a set of PDF documents that are intended to facilitate knowledge-transfer regarding the program objectives and content for the 2011 Comox Valley Learning Lunch Series:

  1. ADAPTATION is the theme for Seminar #2 in the 2011 Comox Valley Series
  2. Sustainable Service Delivery: Design with Nature, Protect Stream Stability, and Save Money
  3. Brooklyn Creek case study illustrates that a drainage system is more than just pipes
  4. Nature Without Borders: Align Efforts at a Watershed Scale in the Comox Valley
  5. Rainwater Management in a Watershed Context: Do More With Less & Achieve Stream Health Benefits.
  6. Tim Pringle explains what “Settlement in Balance with Ecology” means


Posted May 2011