Rainwater Management in Northeast Comox: Vision for Green Infrastructure




Look Within Our Boundaries

In the afternoon session, two short presentations will provide context for a town-hall sharing session on a real-world case study, namely Northeast Comox. The purpose of the town-hall session is to provide the Town of Comox with a feedback loop for application of the ‘green’ approach described in the morning.

First, Tim Pringle will explain where Northeast Comox fits into the Comox Valley big picture for real estate development. Then, Glenn Westendorp will elaborate on an approach to protect downstream environmental and agricultural values.


Use Less Water and Prevent Runoff

Glenn Westendorp will set the scene for the town-hall sharing session about implementation of green infrastructure. He will describe:

  • What is there now 
  • What is allowable under the existing rules 
  • What is at risk downstream – “cannot deprive the lowlands of water or give them too much”
  • What the Town wants to achieve through effective use of green infrastructure – “maintain the water balance”
  • How the Water Balance Model can help make informed decisions

Glenn westendorp (120p) - town of comox“My hope is that the audience will understand the challenges that the Town faces, and will be primed to contribute their practical experience and ideas during the town-hall session. We wish to explore how the Town can establish and implement achievable rainfall capture and runoff control targets,” states Glenn Westendorp.


Posted May 2011