Seminar #1 in the 2011 Comox Valley Series: Links to downloadable versions of PowerPoint presentations




2011 Theme: A Regional Response to Infrastructure Liability

“History shows that local governments are very good at planning ahead, but not-so-good at looking ahead – for example: The initial capital cost of municipal infrastructure is about 20% of the life-cycle cost. The other 80% is an unfunded liability, and is increasing year after year,” states Glenn Westendorp, Public Works Superintendent with the Town of Comox. He is Chair of the 2011 Series.

Derek richmond (120p)“The theme for the 2011 Series is A Regional Response to Infrastructure Liability. This is a driver for a change in the way local governments plan, finance, implement and over time replace infrastructure. The focus of the 2011 Series is on why and how all those involved in land development have a role to play in achieving Sustainable Service Delivery,” adds Derek Richmond, Manager of Engineering Services with the City of Courtenay.

To learn more about the program design, click on Sustainable Service Delivery: Comox Valley Local Governments Release Program Details for 2011 Learning Lunch Series


Seminar #1 – Collaboration

A goal of Seminar #1 was to build on what was achieved at the Developers Dialogue, held in December 2010. A desired outcome was that participants would understand why there is a link between infrastructure asset management and protection of a community’s natural assets.

The format for the morning and afternoon presentations was the same: first, context presentations to inform and educate; then town-hall sessions to share and learn. The emphasis was on providing quality time for audience interaction.

To download a copy of the Agenda, click on Seminar #1 Agenda – Collaboration on Comox Valley Regional Initiatives.


Links to Presentations – Morning Session

Judy walker (120p) - village of cumberlandGlenn Westendorp (Town of Comox) & Judy Walker (Village of Cumberland): Regional Team Approach: Why We Are Convening for Action (0.5MB PDF) — In 2008, the four local governments in the Comox Valley agreed to embark on a journey as a regional team. To learn more, click here.

Nancy hofer (120p) - city of courtenayNancy Hofer (City of Courtenay) & Jack Minard (Comox Valley Land Trust): Comox Valley Developers Dialogue: Align Efforts at a Watershed Scale (6.6MB PDF) — Held in December 2010, the ‘Developers Dialogue’ initiated a conversation with the Comox Valley development community about collaboration, alignment and consistency in a local government setting. To learn more, click here.

Glen Brown (Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development): Sustainable Service Delivery: An Integrated Approach Links Land Use Planning, Watershed Health and Infrastructure Liability (1.1.MB PDF) — Sustainable Service Delivery describes a life-cycle way of thinking about infrastructure needs and how to pay for those needs over time. To learn more, click here.


Links to Presentations- Afternoon Session

Geoff garbutt (120p) - comox valley regional districtGeoff Garbutt and Mike Zbarsky (Comox Valley Regional District): Comox Valley Regional Growth & Sustainability Strategies: Framework for Aligning Efforts at a Watershed Scale (4.4MB PDF) — Both strategies look to the future and both strategies are about improving the quality of life and the environment in Comox Valley. To learn more, click here.

Glenn Westendorp: Town of Comox: Towards Sustainable Infrastructure (0.8MB PDF)

Mike Zbarsky, Nancy Hofer and Judy Walker: Sustainable Service Delivery: Comox Valley Development Application Evaluation Tool (3.6MB PDF) — The  CAVI-Comox Valley Regional Team is developing an evaluation tool that translates infrastructure-related policy statements and targets in the Regional Growth and Sustainability Strategies into measurable criteria.


Posted April 2011