Worth Every Penny: An Introduction to the Water Pricing Primer

FIFTH ANNOUNCEMENT: “Effective conservation-oriented water pricing can help reconcile growing communities with the health of local watersheds and engage individuals and businesses to change their behaviour and begin reducing their water footprintS,” states Oliver Brandes.

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Nanaimo Water Pricing Workshop will connect dots to Beyond the Guidebook 2010

“It takes time to change the local government culture. British Columbia communities now have the tools and the case study experience to ‘design with nature’. British Columbia is at a tipping point. Beyond the Guidebook 2010 sets the stage for ensuring that future settlement change (development) is in balance with ecology,” states Ted van der Gulik.

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The Water Pricing Primer, a collaborative effort to stimulate a national dialogue

“The Primer explains how water pricing works, what the benefits are, and how water utilities can implement conservation-oriented water pricing structures as a key tool in the water manager's toolkit. Also, it offers advice on how to address implementation challenges, including how to maintain revenue stability for water utilities”, reports co-author Steven Renzetti.

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Kathy Bishop talks about water and leadership on Vancouver Island

“The Dialogue in Nanaimo was structured around a water sustainability panel. Rather than talking heads, the panel engaged in a form of ‘improv theatre’ to feed off each other in spontaneously expressing key messages about water. This primed the audience for ‘small group’ dialogues in eight theme areas,” stated Kathy Bishop.

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'Dialogue in Nanaimo' is a stepping stone to the 'State of the Island Economic Summit' in October 2010

“We have had the guts to start this dialogue, but we will also need bigger guts to complete what we started. Part of the process is summarizing what we heard today, inviting people back to the table to talk about what we have determined in that summary, and then putting together a plan of action together for moving forward. When we have that plan in draft format, we will be hosting a breakout session at the State of the Island Summit ,” stated Cori Lynn Germiquet.

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