Water Bucket provides home for telling story of 2010 Comox Valley Developers Dialogue

Convening for Action in the Comox Valley

In December 2010, the CAVI – Comox Valley Regional Team hosted the ‘Developers Dialogue’. This initiated a conversation with the Comox Valley development community about collaboration, alignment and consistency.

Nancy hofer (120p) - city of courtenay“We saw this as an opportunity for the local development community and local government staff to focus on how we can all work together towards low environmental impact development; and how we can better understand each others’ needs to accomplish the tasks at hand,” explains Nancy Hofer, City of Courtenay Environmental Planner.

Mike tanner(120p)“To help the Comox Valley Regional Team tell their story about leading and managing change, we have posted a set stories on Water Bucket. This is a tangible way to record history as it is being created,” states Mike Tanner, Chair of the Water Bucket Website Partnership.

“The Water Bucket team has worked with the organizers and participants to capture the key messages and event highlights in these web stories. We hope the conversational approach will help inform the design of the 2011 Comox Valley Learning Lunch Series.”