"Communication, collaboration, cooperation and coordination underpin a regional team approach in the Comox Valley," says Courtenay’s Derek Richmond

Note to Readers:

In December 2010, the CAVI-Comox Valley Regional Team hosted the ‘Comox Valley Developers Dialogue’. The purpose of this event was to initiate a conversation with the Comox Valley development community about collaboration, alignment and consistency in a local government setting.

The Comox Valley is the provincial demonstration region for showcasing the benefits of a ‘regional team approach’ to establish expectations and achieve consistency at the front counter.

Break Down Boundaries

“The Developers Dialogue is a collaborative approach, and we want to emphasize the word collaborative,” stated Derek Richmond when providing context for desired outcomes in Derek richmond (120p)bringing together the development community in a neutral forum. Derek Richmond is the Manager of Engineering with the City of Courtenay.

“We as the regional team talk about the 4Cs – collaboration, coordination, communication and cooperation. This is a joint effort of the four Comox Valley local governments. We would like the development community to be part of this process.”

“To be successful, we all need to work outside our normal boundaries; and we need to proactively communicate and work with others. We in local government are now thinking of ourselves as a team, not as individuals within silos; truly getting there means we will have to continue breaking down boundaries through communication, collaboration, cooperation and coordination.”

“Through the 4Cs, we would like to shift the paradigm from boundaries to areas of commonality. A key message is to view ‘planning’ not as a land-zoning function but as a multi-faceted and iterative process that embraces the concept of truly integrated water-centric planning.”

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Click on “You too are part of the Comox Valley Regional Team”, Kim Stephens tells local development community — The term ‘regional team approach’ is resonating. Team implies there is personal commitment; it also suggests there is a game plan and a coachable context. The regional team approach is proving to be a powerful motivator.