VANCOUVER ISLAND: "Coming Together is a Beginning. Keeping Together is Progress. Working Together is Success."

The Link Project

“One of the highlights at this year’s State of the Island Economic Summit will be the ‘What We Heard’ document presented by VIEA’s Link Project Team,” states Cori Lynn Germiquet, President.

“The Link Project is a 52 week project aimed at examining regional collaboration and economic development on Vancouver Island through a multi-disciplinary approach that includes data review, community visits, networking and strategy development.”

Cori lynn germiquet (120p) - viea president“Our team has been collecting pieces of the puzzle which will create a picture of economic development for Vancouver Island. The Link Team has been meeting with community leaders: local government, First Nations, educators, media, business, industry assocations, and individuals who are community champions.”

“Each is a valuable link in building a stronger economy on Vancouver Island. Each is essential to building a shared vision of Vancouver Island.”

“A review of local planning documents shows that as well as community specific goals, each community on Vancouver Island is working towards three common goals: a diversified economic base, improved relationships with neighbouring First Nations, and sustainability,” concludes Cori Lynn Germiquet.

To Learn More:

One of the most pressing priorities that has emerged on Vancouver Island is creating awareness of the role that regional collaboration plays in strategic economic development. This is a powerful tool that all participants will benefit from.

The Link Team has contacted Leaders on Vancouver Island to determine the role they currently play and their plans for sustainable community economic health. To learn more about the project, click here.

By reviewing what is currently being done in Vancouver Island communities, First Nations and within industry alliances the Link Team will see if there are puzzle pieces missing to paint the overall picture of Vancouver Island leadership and to create a benchmark of activity.

What is the Summit Conference?

The Vancouver Island State of the Island Economic Summit, now in it’s 4th year, provides a venue and a forum for businesses and stakeholders on Vancouver Island to understand the State of the Island Economy.

The considerable economic and social transition that is underway on Vancouver Island, from a mainly resource based extraction economy, presents challenges and opportunities that can best be addressed through collective action.

In general, the conference provides an opportunity for businesses and stakeholders on Vancouver Island to work together on overcoming common issues, and to collaborate on enhancing the island’s position in the global marketplace.