2010 State of the Island Economic Summit: "You Never Change Things by Fighting the Existing Reality"

Note to Readers:

On October 25-26, the Vancouver Island Economic Alliance is hosting the 4th State of the Island Economic Summit. Day 2 includes six parallel breakout sessions, including one on the Business of Sustainability. Details of this session are provided below.

The Business of Sustainability

The objective of the session led by Iain Cuthbert on the Business of Sustainability is to facilitate dialogue on opportunities related to the business of sustainability such as: the Iain cuthbert (120p)environmental industry and sustainable development practices, Green Buildings, and the many opportunities for sustainable, renewable energy on Vancouver Island.

“Sustainability ranks high on the legislative agendas of most governments, media coverage of the topic is widespread and sustainability issues are on the tops of minds of many Vancouver Islanders,” states Iain Cuthbert.

“What is less known are the business implications and opportunities related to sustainability on Vancouver Island. What are businesses doing now to capitalize on sustainability driven agendas and to participate in the ‘Green Economy’?”

To Learn More:

Click on The Business of Sustainability for additional details about the session, including the members of the panel.

What is the Summit Conference?

The Vancouver Island State of the Island Economic Summit, now in it’s 4th year, provides a venue and a forum for businesses and stakeholders on Vancouver Island to understand the State of the Island Economy.

The considerable economic and social transition that is underway on Vancouver Island, from a mainly resource based extraction economy, presents challenges and opportunities that can best be addressed through collective action.

In general, the conference provides an opportunity for businesses and stakeholders on Vancouver Island to work together on overcoming common issues, and to collaborate on enhancing the island’s position in the global marketplace.