NANAIMO REGION WATER PRICING WORKSHOP: Financial Accountability, Infrastructure Sustainability and Service Delivery – Connecting the dots to achieve a vision for ‘Sustainable Service Delivery’

Blending Research and Practice

Part of the rollout to stimulate a national dialogue on sustainable water management, the Nanaimo Region Water Pricing Workshop is described as the first of its kind in Canada. The workshop program is a unique blend of research and practice. The workshop will connect the dots between three initiatives:

  • Action for Water, implemented by the Regional District of Nanaimo following approval in a referendum in November 2008.
  • Worth Every Penny: A Primer on Conservation-Oriented Water Pricing,released in May 2010.
  • Beyond the Guidebook 2010: Implementing a New Culture for Urban Watershed Protection and Restoration in British Columbia, released in June 2010.

The desired outcome for the workshop is that participating practitioners will understand why ‘conservation-oriented water pricing’ is a tool to achieve a larger end, that is: ‘sustainable service delivery’.

Kim stephens - 2010 (120p)“Sustainable service delivery is an emerging issue in BC. Changing and/or additional demands mean the local government workload is expanding. Local governments are being challenged to maintain and/or replace existing infrastructure over time, and to ‘do more with less’.“ states Kim Stephens, Program Coordinator for the Water Sustainability Action Plan for British Columbia. He will be the workshop moderator.

Registration and Agenda:

To download a poster that is complete with pre-registration information, click on How you can register to participate in “Worth Every Penny: A Learning Lunch Workshop”

For details of the actual program, click on Draft Agenda for Nanaimo Region Water Pricing Workshop

To Learn More:

To download a 2-page synopsis that captures what the reader really needs to know, click on Water Pricing Primer – A Summary Brief

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