CONVENING FOR ACTION ON VANCOUVER ISLAND: What do we want this Island to look like in 50 years? Eric Bonham connected the dots between two stepping stones to a desired future – Nanaimo Region Water Pricing Workshop and Vancouver Island Economic Summit (September 2010)

Connecting the Dots: Vancouver Island Vision

Eric Bonham is often described as the ‘heart and soul’ of CAVI (Convening for Action on Vancouver Island) because of his passion and vision for Vancouver Island. “Everything we have heard today Eric bonham (120p) at nanaimo water pricing workshopfits in like a glove with what we are going to do with this next effort at the Vancouver Island Summit,” stated Eric in the final moments of the Nanaimo Water Pricing Workshop.

He provided historical context by refecting on the CAVI genesis almost a decade ago. “A group of 40 people came together with something in common. That something in common is how can we do things differently, how can we share our ideas?”

Collaborate, Communicate and Share

“The Vancouver Island Economic Summit is the next step. From all corners of Vancouver Island and in all sectors, leaders are wanting opportunities to collaborate, communicate and share best practices, resources and information.”

“The general consensus is that there is unnecessary competition and that everyone on the Island would benefit from more collaboration and sharing on all levels. Now is not the time to be only concerned with issues within our defined community boundaries and subregions.”

“We must look outside our boundaries and work with our neighbouring communities for the betterment of all. Vancouver Island could be a test case…to show the world literally… how we can collaborate and pull things together.”

“CAVI is collaborating with the Vancouver Island Economic Alliance and Leadership BC to inspire leadership and action for water sustainability on the Island. This year they have identified water sustainability as a focus.”

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