Nanaimo Region Water Pricing Workshop will connect dots to Beyond the Guidebook 2010

Sustainable Water Management

“Water pricing is a hot issue in communities across the country. Yet it remains an almost totally untapped option for helping ensure our water service infrastructure — the pipes, pumps and reservoirs — is well maintained and up to date,” states Kirk Stinchcombe, co-author of Worth Every Penny: A Primer on Conservation-Oriented Water Pricing.

Sustainable Service Delivery is another emerging issue in BC. Changing and/or additional demands mean the local government workload is expanding. Local governments are being challenged to maintain and/or replace existing infrastructure over time and to ‘do more with less’.

The Nanaimo Water Pricing Workshop will connect the dots between water pricing, sustainable service delivery and ‘Beyond the Guidebook 2010’. The desired outcome for the workshop is that participating practitioners will understand why ‘conservation-oriented water pricing’ is a tool to achieve a larger end.

Beyond the Guidebook 2010

Released in June 2010 at the ‘Dialogue in Nanaimo’, Beyond the Guidebook 2010 describes how water sustainability can and will be achieved through implementation of green infrastructure policies and practices.

Beyond the Guidebook 2010 demonstrates that the practitioner culture is changing as an outcome of collaboration, partnerships and alignment; and provides local governments with ‘how to’ guidance for developing outcome-oriented urban watershed plans.

Ted van der gulik (120p) - 2005 photo“It takes time to change the local government culture. British Columbia communities now have the tools and the case study experience to ‘design with nature’. British Columbia is at a tipping point. Beyond the Guidebook 2010 sets the stage for ensuring that future settlement change (development) is in balance with ecology,” states Ted van der Gulik, Chair of the inter-governmental Water Balance Model Partnership.

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To download a copy, click on Beyond the Guidebook 2010: Implementing a New Culture for Urban Watershed Protection and Restoration in British Columbia