BOWKER CREEK FORUM: A Celebration of the 100-Year Blueprint for Watershed Restoration – “An absorbent topsoil layer has emerged as a fundamental building block for achieving water sustainability outcomes through implementation of green infrastructure practices,” stated Ray Fung, Chair, Green Infrastructure Partnership (January 2010)

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On February 23, the Bowker Creek Forum will celebrate urban watershed management successes in the Georgia Basin, in particular the multi-jurisdictional process that culminated in the Bowker Creek Blueprint: A 100-Year Action Plan to Restore the Watershed.

Bowker creek - watershed map (240p)The Bowker watershed is in the Capital Regional District and is highly urbanized. The creek extends from the University of Victoria through the District of Saanich and City of Victoria, and discharges to the sea through the District of Oak Bay.

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Agenda Overview: For a preview of what to expect on February 23, click on Bowker Creek Forum: An Integrated Approach to Urban Watershed Management.

Water Bucket Stories: Leading up to the Forum, a set of five stories will progressively foreshadow and/or elaborate on what will be covered at the Forum. These stories will serve as resource materials. To learn more, click on Set of five “Forum Preview Stories” establish expectations for 2010 Bowker Creek Forum.

SECOND ANNOUNCEMENT: Bowker Creek Initiative and CAVI release program details for Georgia Basin inter-regional sharing event

The Bowker Creek Initiative has developed the Bowker Creek Blueprint to provide member municipalities, the Capital Regional District, the community and other land stewards with information and guidance to manage and restore the watershed and Bowker creek blueprint: 100-year vision (240p)creek corridor over the long term.

The Blueprint is to be implemented over a period of decades in recognition that change can be slow in the urban environment. Having a plan in place will ensure that positive changes can happen incrementally, and that opportunities for major improvements can be achieved as they arise.

The Bowker Creek Forum is a chance for regional organizations, businesses and community members to learn more about and celebrate the accomplishments of the Bowker Creek Initiative.

A desired outcome in holding the Bowker Creek Forum is to share information about successful watershed-based approaches, so that they can be replicated in other jurisdictions.

The Organizers

The Bowker Creek Forum is a collaboration of the Bowker Creek Initiative (BCI), CAVI-Convening for Action on Vancouver Island and the Capital Regional District (CRD); and is organized under the umbrella of the Water Sustainability Action Plan for British Columbia.

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Forum Program

There are two parts to the day. While the spotlight is clearly on the Bowker Creek Initiative, local government representatives from Metro Vancouver and ‘north of the Malahat’ will also be sharing their experiences related to achieving watershed-based objectives.

Bowker Creek Blueprint

The Bowker Creek Initiative is a demonstration project, and is leading efforts to restore urban creeks in the Capital Region and in the province.

Over the last 200 years the Bowker Creek watershed has changed from a natural state, to agricultural use, to the current mix of residential, commercial and institutional uses. Today, less than 40% of this urban creek remains above ground.

Jody watson - crd (120p)“The Bowker Creek Blueprint presents a vision of how an urban creek can be transformed into a natural oasis for wildlife and people. Healthy urban watersheds foster habitat for native flora and fauna, provide greenways between neighbourhoods and result in cleaner water, less flooding and more liveable communities,” states Jody Watson, BCI Chair.

The Bowker Creek Blueprint part of the program will address these three topics: Blueprint Development, Blueprint Actions and Blueprint Implementation.


Implementing Watershed Practices

The Bowker Creek Forum will be the venue for the provincial launch of the Topsoil Law and Policy and Technical Primer Set, developed by the Green Infrastructure Partnership in collaboration with the City of Surrey, City of Courtenay and District of North Vancouver.

“An absorbent topsoil layer has emerged as a fundamental building block for achieving water sustainability outcomes through implementation of green infrastructure practices. In this case, the targeted water sustainability outcomes are: less irrigation water use; and reduced rainwater runoff,” states Raymond Fung, Chair of the Green Infrastructure Partnership.

Bowker creek forum - susan rutherford and remi dube (200p)“Susan Rutherford of West Coast Environmental Law and Remi Dube of the City of Surrey are the co-leads for the topsoil initiative. Susan synthesized the experience of participating municipalities in order to create the Law & Policy Primer. Remi was responsible for the Technical Primer.”

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About the Bowker Creek Blueprint

To learn more about the Bowker Creek Blueprint, click here to download a copy of the Executive Summary. To download the complete document from the Bowker Creek website, click here.

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