GETTING AHEAD OF THE WAVE: Program Overview laid out curriculum for 2009 Comox Valley Learning Lunch Series and the goal of changing the way we develop land to achieve settlement in balance with ecology

Note to Readers:

“This article introduces the Program Overview, a downloadable document that spells out the theme, scope and desired outcome for each of the three seminars in the 2009 Series. The curriculum is structured in a way that leads to a progressive broadening of scope/focus and hence desired participation in this sequence: inter-departmental, inter-municipal, and consultants,” states Kim Stephens, team leader and seminar facilitator for the 2009 Series.

The Regional Growth Strategy and Comox Valley Sustainability Strategy provide the backdrop for the 2009 Learning Lunch Series. The focus is on how to implement the regional approach (i.e. “a unified approach from all levels of government”).

Seminar Program

The 2009 Comox Valley Learning Lunch Seminar Series comprises a set of three seminars. The learning process is cumulative: each seminar will build on the last and set the stage for the next. The scope of each is highlighted as follows:

  • Understand the Dynamics of Settlement Changes:
    Session #1 will start where the 2008 Series ended by posing this question: How will we implement a regional team approach in the Comox Valley, and how can this inform A Positive Settlement Strategy for Vancouver Island? This question will provide a frame of reference for achieving ‘settlement in balance with ecology’. Session #1 will have an inter-departmental focus.
  • Regional Plans – Pathway to Water Sustainability:
    Session #2 will introduce a Water OUT = Water IN framework for achieving water sustainability; coupled with a design with natureapproach to climate change adaptation. Session #2 will have an inter-municipal focus.
  • Commitment to the Regional Team Approach:
    Session #3 will introduce integration: WHO will do it, and HOW it will be done. A desired outcome is that participants will COMMIT to a regional team approach which results in implementation of An Integrated Watershed Approach to Settlement. Session #3 will broaden the discussion to include the role of the consulting community in collaborating with local government to do business differently.

To Learn More:

To learn more about the 2009 Series design, click on Getting Ahead of the Wave: Change the Way We Develop Land to Achieve Settlement in Balance with Ecology. This is a 3-page document (including the cover) that spells out the provincial and regional context for living water smart and building greener communities, states the challenge in undertaking a ‘regional team approach’, and describes how the challenge will be met in delivering the 2009 Series.