GETTING AHEAD OF THE WAVE: At Seminar #2 in the 2009 Comox Valley Series, Metro Vancouver’s Ed von Euw provided an inter-regional perspective with his presentation on “Aligning with New Directions: from Stormwater to RAINwater in Metro Vancouver”


Metro Vancouver’s Integrated Liquid Waste & Resource Management Plan

“Metro Vancouver and Vancouver Island are learning from each other, and are moving in the same direction,” observes Ed von Euw, Senior Engineer in the Policy and Planning Division of Metro Vancouver. His responsibilities include leading development of Metro Vancouver’s updated Liquid Waste Management Plan.

In November 2009, Ed von Euw was part of the inter-regional faculty for the second seminar in the 2009 Comox Valley Learning Lunch Series. Representatives from four regional district governments contributed to the curriculum.

“In Metro Vancouver’s Plan, rainwater is so all-encompassing that it is actually included under all three of our goals…and several strategies. If we can manage rainwater at the source, we can minimize stormwater runoff,” stated Ed von Euw.

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