GETTING AHEAD OF THE WAVE: Seminar #3 in Comox Valley Learning Lunch Series featured the Comox Valley Regional Water Strategy—context provided in a set of stories posted on



During the July – September 2009 period, a series of seven stories published on the Convening for Action community-of-interest on the Waterbucket website progressively foreshadowed and/or elaborated on the curriculum for the 2009 Comox Valley Learning Lunch Seminar Series.

The seven stories addressed a range of water-centric planning issues and perspectives, including the requirement for a Regional Water Strategy for the Comox Valley.

Regional Water Strategy

A Regional Perspective on Water Supply in the Comox Valley was the fourth story in the “curriculum preview series”. The online Story #4 extracted highlights from a report-style document in order to:

  • summarize the scope of the provincial requirement for development of a regional water strategy
  • introduce the concept of a ‘teachable moment’ and what it means for water-centric planning
  • introduce the Water OUT = Water IN equation as the underpinning of An Integrated Watershed Approach to Settlement

Story #4 was of necessity succinct. Subsequently, a number of other stories were posted at various locations on the website. These complementary stories  elaborate on specific aspects of the “regional water storyline”.

Comox Lake Watershed Assessment

Because Comox Lake is an unprotected watershed, the Comox Lake Watershed Assessment was initiated in 2006 to address public health concerns. This was the first watershed assessment to be completed in British Columbia in accordance with the then-new drinking water source to tap guidelines.

Mike zbarsky (120p) - comox valley regional districtIn 2006, continued urbanization within the valley coupled with competing land uses and recreational interests within the watershed highlighted the need for co-operative actions aimed at managing watershed uses ….. to ensure water quality is preserved,” states Michael Zbarsky, Engineering Analyst with the Comox Valley Regional District (CVRD).

“The Watershed Assessment identified actions to mitigate high level risks or threats to the current and future quality of the water. The CVRD is currently proceeding with engineering studies that build on the technical foundation provided by that body of work.”

To Learn More:

Download a copy of the presentation by Mike Zbarsky: Comox Valley Regional Water Supply Strategy:  How it will connect to the landscape

The Complementary Stories

Understanding the Water Challenge

To read the consolidated story about watershed protection, population-support capacity, infrastructure upgrading and implementation issues in the Comox Valley, click on A Regional Perspective on Water Supply in the Comox Valley to download an 8-page document in PDF format.